About Us

HEM Innovative Solutions was founded in Mississauga Ontario. Knowledgeable consumers are looking for fresh ideas in a fast-paced market. Constantly striving to provide what our clients are looking for we continually review and upgrade to the newest and best technologies in the market. HEM Solutions is constantly evolving to meet the changing demands that our clients face. The core strength of HEM Innovative Solutions is based on a strong, inclusive management team that is driven by the same set of common values. HEM Innovative Solutions places a strong emphasis on our people and the critical role that they play in regards to customer service. Through a wide range of services HEM Innovative Solutions can meet the needs of all of our clients.

Our value lies in the ability to provide great service in all aspects of web and software development as well as networking and surveillance solutions. Each of our products and solutions have been are developed using innovative technology and non compromising strategies to ensure the best service and solutions for our clients. Contact us to discover what HEM can do to meet your technological needs.

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