Email Security

Most email security technologies are shortsighted, blocking
or allowing content based on attachment type, keywords
or URLs. Without the ability to scan content within file
attachments, you can’t clearly see what data enters and
leaves your network—a significant liability risk. And blocking
employee emails simply by attachment type limits productivity.
You need the flexibility to share information efficiently and the
means to control it.
M86 Security provides solutions that look closer, enabling
you to manage high volumes of email and protect sensitive
information cost effectively. Using deep content inspection
capabilities, M86 MailMarshal scans all content—even within
email attachments—giving you the control you need to
proactively and productively exchange information without
worrying about harmful data leaks.

Making Best-of-Breed Solutions Redundant – Hemsolutions offers comprehensive email security, covering all email protocols – SMTP, POP3 and IMAP – and eliminating the need for investment in expensive best-of-breed email security solutions. Hemsolutions simplifies email management by re-routing or copying incoming email messages containing specific keywords about a project, workgroup or topic to the manager or other specified authorities.

Real-time Spam Detection – Recurrent Pattern Detection (RPD)-based Anti-Spam technology from Hemsolutions offers real-time spam protection against zero-day spam attacks that carry the highest threat level during the initial few hours.

Outbound Spam Protection – Hemsolutions’s Outbound Spam Protection solution protects service providers from recurring incidents of outbound spam in their networks thus avoiding consequences of outbound spam like higher cost of providing service, wastage of operations / IT time, blacklisting of IP addresses, inability to meet SLAs and more, by protecting their server reputation.

Prevents Email Data Leakage – Hemsolutions blocks email attachments based on Layer 8 identity-based policies with pre-specified file extensions, eg., .XLS, .EXE, .JPEG to prevent leakage of critical business, financial or design data. Mails of departing employees can be forwarded to business and security managers to prevent potential data leakage.

Email Quarantine – Hemsolutions quarantines suspicious spam or virus-laden emails, notifying users through the daily Spam Digest for potential retrieval.

Compliance and Reporting – Hemsolutions’s on-appliance reporting allows real-time visibility into email traffic with reports that include top mail users, hosts, applications, senders and recipients, in addition to simplifying audit requests through mail archival. The centralized logging and reporting requirements are met by CCC appliances and Hemsolutions iView.

Saves Bandwidth Costs –85% of unwanted emails are blocked at the Gateway by Hemsolutions, significantly reducing bandwidth consumption and optimizing network performance.
Flexible Email Security Deployment

Cisco Email Security offers high availability email protection against the constant, dynamic, rapidly changing threats affecting email today.

Cisco Cloud Email Security
Reliable, all-inclusive service with software, computing power, and support
Cost-effective cloud-based solution that reduces your onsite data center footprint
Dedicated email security instances in multiple, resilient Cisco data centers promote exceptional service availability and data protection
When sensitive data needs to remain physically on-premises, the hybrid solution delivers advanced control on-site while taking advantage of cost-effective convenience of the cloud

Cisco Email Security Appliances
Appliances come ready to plug-in on premises, in the right size for your environment
Defend mission-critical email systems at the gateway to minimize downtime
Outbound defense with Data Loss Prevention (DLP) integration with RSA, plus email encryption
Each model built on the same comprehensive platform that protects email infrastructures of major Forbes Global 2000 companies

Cisco Content Security Management Appliances
Unified email and web security management to centralize and consolidate policy and runtime data
Central platform and single management interface for all reporting and auditing
Appliances come ready to plug-in and install in the right size for your environment
Simplify the administration of corporate mail systems and secure web gateways

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