Small Network Management Consolidation

As technology continues to advance and improve in recent years, businesses and their network practices have evolved quite a bit from what once was standard in industry. In fact, many small businesses have found the technology to be advantageous to them in such a way that they are now able to combine certain services into one network system and package. Small network management consolidation has become a regular part of running a small business in order to make things more effective and more affordable.

One of the ways to start network consolidation is to implement a VoIP solution. VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. This system allows the user to have all their phone calls run over a broadband Internet line instead of a standard analog line that has been used in the past. The VoIP solution allows for a single IP network environment with a consistent look and feel to it.  This allows for a single skill set to maintain the network. This can be accomplished by using network VLANS (virtual networks setup by port or groups of ports).

Some cost savings can be calculated on several levels when working this way. In terms of managerial savings, everything now can be effortlessly undertaken by the business IT department. Since IP telephony requires both the voice and data network to be merged into one unified network, there is no longer a need to employ two separate teams to handle each system. This will ultimately result in substantial savings for the business.

There are also savings involved from a monetary standpoint. Very often choosing to consolidate network management down to fewer systems means less hardware and software needed to run everything. This could conceivably add up to thousands of dollars in significant savings for a company. The money saved can then be turned back into the profit of the business itself.

Many small businesses need to consider consolidation options in the business world today. Competition among companies is fierce in these fragile economic times and businesses must do whatever is in their best interests to save money and make things work more effectively. Consolidating networks can be just one of the methods companies seek out to save money.

Bringing networks together in a smaller environment can make things easier to manage for the employees as well. Those in charge of the systems may find they have more time to spend on other tasks instead of managing several networks all day long to make sure everything is running well. It then just becomes a matter of maintenance and making sure everything is backed up properly.

Small network management consolidation is something that businesses of all sizes have begun to consider as both cost effective and effective from an IT department standpoint. If systems can be consolidated correctly and efficiently it can help the entire staff of the IT department and the whole company work better. Eliminating systems and bringing everything to one localized network is the ideal solution for most.

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