Remote technical support can get your computers back up and running without having to wait for a technician on-site. We use state-of-the-art remote systems management tools with 256-bit encryption to ensure transmission security. Take advantage of minimal downtime caused by Microsoft Windows based system errors.

Key Remote Support Features
Two-Way Screen Sharing
Both your customers and your IT technicians can share their screens.

In-Session Chat
Each technician can chat with up to 8 customers at a time.
Mac Support
Provide live remote support to both PC and Mac users – from either a PC or a Mac computer. (Some features not available on the Mac platform.*)
Mobile Device Support
Provide support to users’ iPad, iPhone and Android devices.
Each support technician can support up to 8 customers at a time on their Mac or PC.
File Transfer
Useful for applying patches, sending URLs and receiving log files.
Reboot / Reconnect
Technicians can restart the customer’s computer and automatically reconnect to the support session in progress.
Team Collaboration
Reps can invite other support reps to join their remote support sessions for quicker issue resolution.
Integration APIs
Integrate with existing infrastructure and other applications.
Remote Diagnostics
Technicians can easily access your customer’s system information using a customizable tool.

Annotation Tools
Both the technician and customer can draw, highlight and point to items right on the screen.
Multi-Monitor Navigation
Technicians can easily navigate around the customer’s multi-monitor computer setup.
Log-In as Administrator
IT help desk admins can remotely log in to customer computers to perform system administrative tasks (includes Send-Ctrl-Alt-Del).
Session Reporting
Take notes during and at end of sessions, assign unattended sessions to companies and track time spent supporting users.
Session Transfer
Support reps can transfer remote support sessions to another rep (tier 1 to tier 2).
Session Recording
Use the optional recording feature to capture active support and chat sessions for auditing and training. Recordings are stored for 90 days and can be downloaded to your archive.
Remote Desktop Support (RDP)
Provide attended support for individual RDP sessions.
Wake-on-LAN (WoL)
Wake computers that are in sleep mode or powered off to provide unattended support.
*Features not available with Mac Support include Reverse Screen Sharing, Annotation Tools and Reboot/Reconnect.

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