Azure Cloud Managed Services

We are a leading Microsoft Azure Cloud Manged Services provider serving Toronto and the surrounding area.

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Implement & Manage Cloud the Right Way.

We offer managed services for Microsoft Azure. We provide design, execution and daily support of storage and virtual network infrastructure in MS Azure. Management & monitoring cloud infrastructure configurations and services using local experts.

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We have built extensive expertise in cloud migration, managed Azure, application modernization and cloud optimization. We believe in combining an agile approach to cloud with an enterprise approach to operations. No matter where you are in the journey to the cloud, we can assist you by ensuring you achieve the best return on investment (ROI) while improving reliability, security, agility and aligning IT with your business needs.

We accomplish this through applying repeatable design principles, processes, best practices and approaches to decrease time to value. We collaborate closely with you to ensure your IT and business processes are adapted to take full advantage of the cloud. HEM combines deep cloud technical expertise with excellence in cloud operations to help your organization approach IT in a different way when using the cloud.

Cloud First

Our team is Cloud-centric and committed to cloud technologies and solutions, and believe that the cloud is the way of the future. From applications being built in the optimal way to migration of current applications, we design, build and manage cloud solutions customized to our client’s needs based on a foundation of repeatable design principles, processes and operational best practices.

“​Cloud first” to us means that our clients benefit from the agility, flexibility, lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and alignment of IT to an organization’s needs. To maximize the value of the cloud, it is not just about the technology. It also involves how organizations change their business to leverage the cloud in an optimal way. Our expertise goes beyond the technical and includes key factors that organizations need to change in how they operate.

Agility is key

The cloud enables you to pay for what you need today and the flexibility to meet your changing needs rather than over architect a solution and pay today for something that you may never need or have no ability to reduce costs if you need to in the future.