Managed Back Up Services

We are a leading Network & Computer Back Up services provider serving Toronto and the surrounding area.

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Protect your business from catastrophic data loss

With managed backup services from HEM Solutions, you can relax knowing that your most important data is being backed up both locally and in the cloud. This means your data is safe in the event of an Internet outage or catastrophic event.

  • Multiple routine backups
  • Data security in event of a disaster
  • Leverage the cloud for ultimate protection
  • Secure offsite data storage
  • Minimize data-loss related downtime
  • Quickly restore lost data
  • fast conversions of backups to your operational system

Make no mistake, a disaster can and will happen.

Whether fire or flood threaten the infrastructure itself, cybercriminals target the data within it, or key components fail due to age or manufacturing defects.

Planning is key.

We work with your organization to develop a recovery and continuity strategy specifically for your business. When the time comes that you need to recover data mistakenly deleted, or you are locked out of your offices, or are dealing with a cyber attack you’ll know you have a business continuity plan that will keep your organization secure and up and running.

Data Restoration Services

Our team’s consistent response times can coordinate with your business’s need to have data restored fast. HEMProtect gives you the capability to recover from complex data loss, using full or partial data backups.

Local & Cloud Backups

At HEM Solutions, we offer you an offsite file repository for any-time access, scanning your systems for the files worth protecting and ensuring encryption.

Virtual Disaster Recovery Plan

HEMProtect ensures your systems are backed up and encrypted for safe-keeping with a recovery rate that ensures minimal downtime. Our customized disaster recovery services provide you with the most thorough data backup and virtual disaster recovery services.

  • Data recovery to ensure everything is restored back to its original state
  • Quick recovery time
  • Recovery point objectives established to correlate with your business needs
  • Cybersecurity & Data Protection Services
  • Our cybersecurity services can prevent malicious actors and threats from gaining a foothold in your network that will allow them to destroy or hold your network at bay.

Keep disaster at bay

Every business owner knows the importance of their business’s data. While the chances of a major disaster are quite remote, many businesses don’t realize that the majority of data loss is the result of small, localized problems. Could your business survive a major equipment failure caused by a tree falling through the roof, a lightning strike, or even theft? Are you prepared for a virus that could spread from a single employee’s computer to your entire network?

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