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VoIP Phone Systems For Business

Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP systems offer substantial benefits when compared to traditional “landline” solutions. Firstly, they are a much more cost effective alternative as most organizations already possess a good deal of the infrastructure required to deploy a system and do not necessarily incur the charges associated with landline operator fees.. Secondly, they offer superior options for integration into other corporate and operational systems which of course provides unparalleled opportunities to optimize business processes.

Business phone systems that run on VoIP continue to evolve with innovative features, making VoIP support an important part of our IT support services

With VoIP installation and support from HEM Solutions, your business can enjoy all the benefits of modern communication technology tailored to your needs.

  • Economical
  • User-friendly
  • Dependable
  • Convenient
  • Green

Businesses Must Leverage Innovative Communication Technology To Stay Ahead Of The Competition.

While traditional phone services result in costly monthly bills and poor quality connections, there’s a simple solution: Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solutions are a cost-effective and reliable alternative. HEMoffers VoIP Solutions for businesses throughout the GTA and across canada

Your small to mid-size business needs to leverage advanced and reliable communication solutions to compete with larger businesses. And VoIP systems are the perfect solution – from increased reliability to a higher level of flexibility, VoIP systems enable you to replace your traditional phone system without the high costs or frustrating complexity associated with installing a new phone system

Our VoIP Solutions and Business Telephone Services Are Designed to be Easy-to-Use and Reliable for Improved Communications!

Our VoIP Solutions are guaranteed to be:

  • Cost-Effective: Your telecommunication costs will be significantly reduced because there are no extra setup, installation, or maintenance fees.
  • Easy-to-Use: The user interface is simple to understand and use, which leads to less valuable productivity time spent learning the system.
  • Reliable: We monitor and manage the hosted system around-the-clock to prevent disruptions and downtime.
  • Convenient: You and your staff members can answer calls in remote locations via laptop or forward calls to a mobile device.
  • Plus, our VoIP solutions and business telephone services allow you to cut travel costs and paper waste by simply sharing information online!


Cloud-based computing has opened up a world of possibilities for businesses, and allows non-enterprise businesses to adopt the same or similar technology that their enterprise counterparts have – effectively narrowing the gap between service delivery levels for smaller businesses. Some of the benefits of VoIP phone systems are:

  • Cost Reduction. VoIP will likely save you money since voice calls now travel over Internet data lines.
  • Portability. VoIP phone systems allow portability of numbers such as advanced call forwarding, phone trees and hunt groups – features that are not cost-effective with a traditional PBX system.
  • Enhanced Media Functions. Phone calls are far from the best or only way that people communicate these days, and VoIP phone systems allow for video calls, image transfers, instant messaging and other multimedia options.
  • Enhanced Collaboration. VoIP phone systems can integrate tightly with other applications such as social networks, web browsers and email platforms to provide valuable synergy across multiple platforms.