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We are a leading surveillance services provider serving Toronto and the surrounding area.

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Owners and executives in Toronto and across Canada have a right to feel their businesses are protected. 

HEM develops property-specific custom monitoring packages that help to decrease costs and improve efficiency in locations like Toronto. We design, install, service, and live monitor security solutions across Canada.

Typical security systems are reactive, and often only designed for interior spaces. So, they wait for activity to trigger an alarm and alert the police, but only AFTER criminals have already been on your property and broken in. This usually results in false calls, delayed police response time, and an increased chance the suspects will get away successfully.

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HEM can handle the toughest mission-critical installations in the industry. We are also unmatched in the quality of our installations. We are ‘hardware agnostic’. Our goal is to solve your business problems using the most appropriate and cost-effective equipment.