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We are a leading network and cabling services provider in Toronto and the surrounding area.

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Connecting a PC or two to a generic router is not rocket science and is well within the capability of most individuals. But when it comes to running fibre optics, CATx and other digital links through an entire office or building things are not quite so simple.

HEM provides the expertise necessary to ensure that all network cabling requirements meet or exceed design specifications in order to fulfill all of your voice, data center and any other cabling requirements.


HEM provides data/network cabling & wiring services

In today’s workplace data speed and reliability are the key to success and productivity. Communications networks have to cope with the rapidly increasing volumes of voice/VOIP, data and multimedia traffic, to ensure that these networks are available 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. HEM specializes in enterprise class and data center quality data and voice cabling in a structured network environment. We understand that the backbone of all IT infrastructure relies on stable, high speed communications.

Services include:

✓ Cat5e and Cat6 network (LAN) cable installation 

✓ Project management and network IT services

✓ Cable system design & consultation 

✓ Server rack installation 

✓ Patch panel & bracket installation 

✓ Telephone cable installation 

✓ Riser & backbone cable (25-pr, 50-pr, 100-pr, etc.) 

✓ Modem installation & cross-connections

✓ Equipment cabinet installation 

✓ Equipment mounting & installing, incl. hubs, Ethernet switches, shelving, etc. 

✓ Cable audits (identification, certification and documentation) 

✓ Data Center cabling and network services

✓ Commercial and residential connections and repairs

✓ Fiber optic cable and equipment installation

✓ Fiber optic termination & splicing

✓ Cable system troubleshooting & testing 

✓ Conduit installation and pre-wiring 

✓ Coaxial cable installation for CCTV and CATV 

✓ Ground wire and shielded cable installation 

✓ Laser link installation, incl. equipment mounting and cabling 

✓ Wireless tower installations (rooftop style)

✓ Wireless access points

✓ Radio frequency (RF) antenna installation 

✓ PBX & Key telephone switch cabling (25-pr, etc.) 

✓ TV, telephone and network wall-outlet installation 

✓ Speaker installations and wiring 

✓ Cable ladders, raceways and trays

✓ Cable management solutions 

✓ Backboard installation for equipment mounting 

✓ Office move assistance – equipment moves, set up in new location, etc. 

✓ Evening & weekend “cut-over” assistance 

✓ System add-ons, moves & change requests 

✓ Custom solutions 

✓ 24 hr. emergency service 

✓ High reach work – ladders, lifts and bucket trucks

✓ Outdoor network cabling & splice enclosure work 

✓ Underground, under-floor, intra-campus and overhead telephone and data cabling 

✓ Computer room tidy-up and equipment moves 

✓ Computer room expansion and renovation (incl. raised flooring, wall construction, etc.) 

✓ …and much, much more!