Our Managed IT Services

Every service, product and solution we offer can be described, defined and categorized through a single principle; An unwavering commitment to keeping the technology in your business operating smoothly by monitoring, supporting and maintaining your key IT, display and security surveillance systems. That’s why we have carefully crafted a number of services to assist you with addressing the implementation complexities of a variety of technical disciplines.
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As a full service IT Support Centre, HEM is able to provide the technical assistance necessary to keep your organization’s IT resources operational. We have a variety of flexible support plans available to address the needs of organizations of any size including maintenance, monitoring, call centre services and more. We would be pleased to discuss your needs and explain the benefits of engaging us to provide this service. Click the button above to reach us.



We offer a full-line of digital signage solutions designed to captivate your audience while meeting specific business needs



Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP systems offer substantial benefits when compared to traditional “landline” solutions. Firstly, they are a much more cost effective alternative as most organizations already possess a good deal of the infrastructure required to deploy a system and do not necessarily incur the charges associated with landline operator fees.. Secondly, they offer superior options for integration into other corporate and operational systems which of course provides unparalleled opportunities to optimize business processes.



Connecting a PC or two to a generic router is not rocket science and is well within the capability of most individuals. But when it comes to running fibre optics, CATx and other digital links through an entire office or building things are not quite so simple. HEM provides the expertise necessary to ensure that all network cabling requirements meet or exceed design specifications in order to fulfill all of your voice, data center and any other cabling requirements.



We offer flexible, long term, short term or on demand technical support services as we recognize that many organizations do not maintain a compliment of full time, qualified, support staff. Our personalized, proactive, smart support solutions offer an affordable alternative to the uncertain and often costly prospect of going it alone and hoping for the best.



Our innovative surveillance products offer security, peace of mind and empowerment


What you get with a full service HEM support contract

– Monitoring and management of servers, work stations, desktops & mobile devices.
– Server & software updates.
– Network & server alerts.
– Firewall monitoring.
– Anti-virus & anti-spyware management.
– E-mail protection and anti-spam management.
– Auto-updated patch management.
– Data backup and disaster recovery for all computers, servers, storage systems, networks and applications.
– Cloud integration services.
– Preventive maintenance & regular reports.
– 24/7 remote & on-site support.
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