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Overview Of Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office is a rare software platform that can legitimately be said to be ageless. However, even if a piece of technology is ageless, it might benefit from an update, which Microsoft frequently provides. How can you benefit from Microsoft Office 365 if you’ve just updated your system (or plan to do so)? Is it cost-effective to upgrade your current system?

Microsoft Office 365 is a subscription service, as opposed to earlier Microsoft products. It has all of the productivity features you’ve come to expect from Microsoft Office 365, plus a few more. The company’s decision to migrate this software to the cloud and a subscription model was made simultaneously. It gives other organizations the seamless cooperation options which Microsoft originally utilized to win clients.

Benefits Of Microsoft Office 365

Subscriptions have the following benefits:

  • OneDrive gives you one terabyte (TB) of free cloud storage
  • The option to install the program on as many devices as you like
  • Microsoft Office programs (including Outlook, Excel and Word) have been updated
  • Other platforms don’t offer these exclusive upgrades and updates

Applications And Uses for Microsoft Office 365

Various productivity applications exist, each with a specific function. The most popular applications and their functions are well-known to the general public. Here are a few that aren’t discussed quite as much:


Office 365 users rely on Outlook, Microsoft’s email client, for many tasks. Customize emails, create templates, set follow-up emails as reminders, and do much more with this robust software. Microsoft 365 eliminates the necessity for an on-premises Microsoft Exchange server for IT businesses. To keep Exchange Online running, Microsoft remains in charge of it. To use Exchange Online, organizations must set up Outlook clients.

Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft’s SharePoint platform is essential for Office 365’s ability to facilitate collaboration. It provides file sharing and organizing along with SharePoint Workflows, SharePoint PerformancePoint and SharePoint project sites. These applications work together to make data sharing and management easier for people all around the globe. Microsoft also manages the servers required to deliver collaborative services such as IIS, SharePoint and Microsoft SQL. IT firms don’t have to be concerned about patching, updating, or otherwise managing those servers which host the collaborative services. Microsoft takes care of all of these things as part of its SaaS package.


Use Teams to communicate with colleagues, work on projects together, exchange files, and keep them updated in real-time on activities done in the workplace. Teams has superseded Skype for Business. This is where your coworkers and colleagues meet virtually.


In terms of social networking, Yammer is a one-of-a-kind platform built specifically for business communication. When workers don’t know whom to ask, Yammer lets them quickly acquire responses. Yammer makes it possible for businesses, especially those with different locations, to cooperate. Instead of sending an email, you may just submit a question on a Yammer Group. These groups are closely monitored by department leaders, who answer issues as they arise. Work is done more quickly because employees have faster access to the information they need.

Forms in Microsoft Office

Data collecting tools such as questionnaires, quizzes, surveys and other forms, may all be created using this software. Once you’ve gathered all of your data, you may export it to other useful programs like Excel. This tool is great for gathering data from your coworkers and doing market research.

OneNote by Microsoft

You may use this app to jot down thoughts and take notes while you’re in meetings. Your whole team has access to these notes, making collaboration a breeze. In addition, your notes are available on all of your devices.

Microsoft Publisher (formerly Microsoft Office Publisher)

This is like Word, but with a different purpose. Publisher is more concerned with the entire style and appearance of the document, whereas Word is more concerned with the content. Marketers enjoy it since it’s easy to use.


This dashboard will show you how productive Microsoft Office 365 is. Keep track of how much time you spend in meetings, chatting with colleagues, and sending emails to clients and colleagues. With this software, you can also arrange “focus hours” on your calendar, so that you can work undisturbed during certain times.

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