Our Managed Services Keep Office 365 Working Smoothly

Office 365 Managed Services

While the Microsoft 365 (previously Office 365) package of services offers users a robust collection of collaboration tools and business apps that properly meet the demands of most organizations, the environment must be managed to guarantee maximum value and security.

Office 365 managed services assist in ensuring the long-term viability of Office 365 systems. Managed services include support for users, management of the Office 365 ecosystem, and deployment or evolution of Office 365, including customization, integration, and migration.

While Office 365 provides all of the advantages of a contemporary workplace, businesses are finding that they must also provide IT resources to administer and maintain it daily. TierPoint Managed Office 365 alleviates the everyday maintenance and support load, freeing up your IT staff to focus on strategic objectives. Transfer the complexity of Office 365 management to a professional staff that works only on Office 365.

Value Of Your Office 365 Investment With Office 365 Management Services

  1. Flexibility in Hybrid. Increase your flexibility by integrating Office 365 with your Microsoft Exchange infrastructure.
  1. Maintain Constant Updates. Because Office 365 is hosted in the cloud, you will always have the most up-to-date version. There is no need for fixes or software updates. Additionally, you get new tools as they are introduced.
  1. Simplify Your IT. Manage your IT easily with a centralized platform and tools that simplify adding users, verifying settings, and managing licenses.
  1. Boost Productivity and Accessibility. Microsoft Teams collaborate and communicate in real-time with coworkers, customers, and partners from any desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Additionally, integrated online versions of your favourite Office programs like SharePoint enable teams to collaborate on projects effortlessly.
  1. Ascertain Your Safety, Security, and Compliance. Built-in measures protect data privacy and guarantee compliance with legal obligations. Add Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) for flexible and powerful security solutions that enable secure mobile experiences, identity and access management, and data protection across all devices.

How Come Microsoft 365 Requires Management?

When it comes to managing the Microsoft 365 environment, organizations confront three primary challenges:

  1. Complexity
  • The Microsoft 365 ecosystem includes over 20 applications and services that need extensive technical knowledge and skills, which might be challenging to comprehend and implement. Additionally, adding features and applications takes meticulous planning.
  • Microsoft 365 is a continually expanding set of connected goods. As a consequence, the link between each product must always be examined.
  1. Security
  • Optimizing applications is critical for end-user and device security.
  • Keeping users secure involves a combination of specialized security skills and proactive measures to mitigate security risks.
  • Security updates and antivirus management are crucial but often overlooked.
  1. Maximize your investment’s return on investment (ROI)
  • Microsoft 365’s license packages are complicated and broad, with many capabilities going unused. Users may want assistance in comprehending licensing alternatives to manage better and optimize costs.
  • Expert guidance on the most effective use of Microsoft 365 and its features will aid in driving adoption and maximizing the value of investments.

2 Microsoft 365 Support Canada HEM Innovative SolutionsAdvantages Of Moving To Office 365 For Your Company

  1. Communications that are more efficient. Email and scheduling are combined into a single, secure service.
  2. Access is centralized. As remote work becomes more prevalent, Office 365 ensures that all your workers have dependable access to email, shared calendars, collaboration tools, and other critical information – from anywhere in the globe.
  3. Superior data security. Information security has become an ever-increasing issue in today’s digital environment. Microsoft helps you increase your security posture and allows you to comply with your industry’s unique compliance needs. You can be certain that your data, users, devices, and environment will remain safe.
  4. Updates performed automatically. Numerous licensing subscriptions include a regularly updated suite of office services, which necessitates less administration and hard lifting for “spring cleaning” software. Additionally, this assures that you will always be safeguarded.
  5. Increased profitability. With the cloud’s scalability, you can quickly increase or decrease your capacity, paying for exactly what you need and utilize.
  6. Improvements to the user experience and greater productivity. Improved access, usability, and tight integration across a range of services result in happier employees, who are often more productive and efficient.