Data security is becoming more difficult due to increased cyber attacks, the sophistication of these threats, and the inherent complexity of data systems themselves.

How much easier would it be if you could free up some of the workload for your team or even an internal IT resource? Learn all you need to know about managed security services and how to hire one in Mississauga by reading this informative blog.

How managed security services save you time and money

Each day, threatening hackers scour networks and end-points for known vulnerabilities and then move in to launch attacks. Black-hat hackers sell their exploits on the dark web. Spyware makers offering bounties to reveal zero-days are also becoming more regular dangers (undocumented vulnerabilities). For small firms, it’s difficult to keep a staff on top of this constantly growing threat.

What are managed security services (MSS)?

Managed security services (MSS) refer to the practice of entrusting your organization’s cybersecurity to a third party. Malware infections, network penetration events, data theft from incorrectly configured databases, ransomware attacks and email phishing are just some of the threats which must be overcome in the information security field. Remote monitoring and response are all tasks which must be performed by the service provider, once the infrastructure has been installed and secured.

Because of these partnerships, small and medium-sized businesses may avoid the expenses and time commitments associated with building their in-house cybersecurity staff. As a result, they won’t have to worry about things like data backups and redundancy, intrusion detection, firewall configuration, patch management, incident response, network monitoring and so on. Companies with a small security budget benefit from MSS since it offers a comprehensive security plan for a fraction of the usual price.Everything You Need To Know Managed Security


MSS provider red flags

While managed security services are advantageous, several warning signs point to a problematic supplier. Be on the lookout for these following things:

  • Claims like “you won’t need it”. If a vendor does not know how to meet your needs, they will reject your concerns and tell you that your request is excessive or unrelated to your company’s security position.
  • Outsourcing to third parties (typically overseas) is acceptable for only certain MSS providers because it allows them to maximize their revenues at your cost. However, the potential of an internal data breach grows dramatically with each new participant in this service; this is only one of several issues that result from this approach.
  • Absence of a comprehensive strategy for protecting customer data. When negotiating with a supplier, the first thing you should do is request a data protection and non-disclosure policy. Unless they have one, or provide you with something generic, they probably don’t care enough about securing your data.
  • Not revealing who their clients are. A vendor with integrity and ethics is confident in the feedback from their clients and is happy to give clients examples who can be contacted directly by potential consumers.
  • There is no deployment or migration strategy in place. The vendor should define their deployment and/or migration strategy, including deadlines, risks and any bottlenecks. Expect enormous delays and complications if they offer “rapid turnarounds” based on arguments such as “we’ve done this several times before”.

Benefits of using HEM Innovative Solutions

The security methods used by HEM Innovative Solutions are always up-to-date, so nothing is ever left to chance. We provide the following managed security services:

  • Comprehensive network and system security evaluation
  • Implementation of a password policy that is simple
  • Utilizing cutting-edge solutions from prominent suppliers to implement 3 levels of end-point security
  • Installation and administration of a firewall
  • The immediate installation of security fixes
  • Management of all backups
  • Anti-spam measures implemented using mailbox filtering software
  • Implementation of MFA programs at the organization level
  • Know Before You Owe training for security awareness
  • The use of impenetrable techniques for disc and data encryption

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