Technology is now at the heart of every business, from healthcare and education to financial services and manufacturing. As a result, IT is more crucial than ever. While many mid-market organizations are aware of this, many are unable to find or pay to hire in-house IT workers, particularly in specialty areas such as cybersecurity and cloud computing.

Fortunately, there are a plethora of excellent Managed Services Providers (such as Hem) available to fill in the gaps. They are less expensive than permanent employees and provide you with 24/7 access to top IT experts who will ensure that your organization is up and operating efficiently and securely. As a result, you’ll be able to concentrate on other elements of your business with confidence.

A few things to think about Managed Services Provider

Values that Everyone Shares

Find a provider who shares your beliefs and will work with businesses of your size. Choose a larger supplier if you’re a sprawling giant. On the other hand, mid-market enterprises would benefit from working with a smaller, more personalized service. A huge firm may be able to accept a managed services partner who sticks to process, but this is unlikely to work for a mid-market company that needs greater flexibility from its managed services provider. A smaller managed services provider might provide you with more flexibility and attention to your current needs.

Record of Achievement

Make certain that anybody you choose has a proven track record. Has the provider kept a large number of customers, or has a large number of them left? Is there a stable staffing level, or are there many turnovers, especially in the solution architecture and engineering teams? Has there been any senior management turnover? (Also, make sure they’re covered by insurance in case something goes wrong while they’re working on your systems.)

Auditing And Certifications Done Right

It’s also critical that the MSP’s processes and controls have been independently reviewed and approved by a third party. Request a copy of their SOC2 report or other audit documentation. An unbiased third-party evaluation is significantly more trustworthy than potentially hollow assurances from someone who only wants your money.

Benchmarks for Performance

Any MSP worth will agree to meet certain performance targets or face financial penalties if it fails to do so. According to, service level agreements (SLAs) “establish the degree of service you anticipate from a vendor, giving out the metrics by which service is measured, as well as remedies or penalties if agreed-upon service levels are not fulfilled.” SLAs are an important part of every technology vendor deal. Without one, any big contract is vulnerable to misinterpretation and legal wrangling, not to mention financial loss for the client if things go wrong. SLAs not only keep providers on their toes, but they also encourage efficiency and innovation, which is beneficial to both sides.

Time To Respond And Methods

How long will it take to address and remediate a cybersecurity incident if one occurs? In this circumstance, who is responsible for what? Who is responsible for resolving difficulties with software that your company employs so that business activities are not affected, and consumers are not inconvenienced? SLAs frequently cover these topics.


Will your MSP be able to keep up with your business’s expansion, or are they already overburdened with other clients and responsibilities? Is the service provider prepared with the talent and tried-and-true processes, such as the ITIL framework, to manage increasingly complicated challenges that may develop as your company grows?Managed Services Provider



Are they proactive in talking with you about potential concerns and how they’ll be addressed, in addition to being attentive when issues do arise?


Hem fits all of the above criteria and more, so we are ready to assist you with all of your IT requirements. But, regardless of which MSP you choose, you now know what to look for. And here’s where you should begin because we’re so accommodating. Good luck with your shopping.

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