A sign that reads “Customer Engagement: Straight Ahead.”

Whether you operate a brick-and-mortar store, an online store, both, or sell in any other format, it is absolutely crucial to keep your customers engaged and invested. As we’re all bombarded by stimuli, it’s important for businesses to understand the importance of grabbing and sustaining customer attention.

With that in mind, we’ve created this piece to give you some creative and unique ideas to engage with customers and visitors to your store.

Invest in Digital Signage for Physical Stores

If you operate a physical store, consider trading out your static signs for engaging, and even interactive, digital signage solutions. Digital signage refers to the screens that display content.You can have your screens feature branded graphic slides, videos and animated ads,and menu and price items. Digital signage makes store displays far more dynamic and eye-catching and is sure to keep your customers engaged in what you have to say and offer.

Build a Group or Community

One of the most effective ways of interacting with your customers is to build an online community. The great thing is that you have several ways of doing this. You can consider forums or various different social media platforms. Like, share, and comment on users’ posts when they engage with your business or purchase products. Moreover, consider using platforms like LinkedIn Groups and Facebook Groups for your customers.

Digital signage in a mall concept.

Create Custom Content to Address Customer Questions

While content marketing strategies are aimed at driving leads to gain new customers, creating custom content is mainly used to engage with and nurture existing customers. Understand some of the most common questions customers have about your products, business, or industry, and create custom and personalized content that addresses them. According to Demand Metric, 78 percent of Chief Marketing Officers see custom content as the future of marketing; 60 percent of consumers enjoy reading relevant content from brands.

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