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Businesses have been subject to surveillance for centuries. However, it has now become easier and more widespread with the introduction of technology-based surveillance systems. These video-based, end-to-end surveillance systems promote general monitoring practices to help business owners stay aware of potential threats, crimes and employee activities in the workplace.

These surveillance systems open a brave new world of possibility by allowing multiple people to view and store surveillance footage via cloud managed services. IT service providers now provide efficient security facilities, including surveillance systems to protect businesses and their intellectual property round-the-clock.

Here are some benefits of installing surveillance systems at an enterprise.

Enhanced Overall Business Operations

The installation of a surveillance system is a critical step in protecting your business and ensuring everyone’s peace of mind at work. The assurance of a minimum security threat in the workplace allows your employees to work fearlessly without any external intrusion or theft risk.

Moreover, employees feel at ease at work and perform to their full potential knowing any harm caused to them with becoming evidence captured by the security system.

Improved Productivity

According to the Time Management Statistics by CornerStone Dynamics, most employees spend 80% of their work hours on things with little value and use 20% of their average workday to pay attention to crucial tasks. However, with increased workplace surveillance, they are likely to waste less time.

Furthermore, monitoring your employees via the surveillance system can enhance their productivity, leading to increased profits. Additionally, these electronic surveillance systems save the company managers’ time, allowing them to work on other tasks than manually monitoring their employees.

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Reduction in Workplace Incidents

Workplace incidents, including violence and sexual harassment, remain a concurring issue in Canada. For example, Canadian workplaces have a total of 350,000 workplace violence cases every year. In fact, 67% of the employees have been subject to or witnessed workplace violence in the country.

Installing surveillance systems can help prevent these incidents, promote respect and protect your organization from property damaged or vandalism. If not, it will at least be beneficial in providing adequate evidence to law enforcement after a workplace incident.

Lowered Insurance Premiums

You can now add value to your organization while simultaneously lowering insurance premiums for your commercial property by installing video surveillance systems. These systems efficiently protect your business from false employee accusations, harassment, liability claims, theft, and other crimes. All in all, you have reduced chances of being sued with a security system. As a result, your insurance company will reduce your insurance premiums, helping you save on insurance costs.

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