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Voice over IP, also called VoIP, is one of the latest communication technologies that enable enterprises to facilitate effective communication through the internet instead of traditional phone lines. It digitally transmits conversations via the internet by using the IP as a carrier for transferring voice from one network to another.

The evolution of VoIP has transformed the way businesses operate today. Most consumers gravitate towards this technology due to its affordability and versatile features. Small & Medium enterprises have been employing the use of VoIP for the last decade.

It’s one platform that permits various services to travel on a network through Quad-play technology. Today, voice messages, video surveillance, and even video streaming via Cloud Managed Services are also possible due to VoIP.

Qualified IT service providers now offer VoIP services with substantial benefits compared to traditional “landline” solutions. Here are some of them.

Lowered Costs

Businesses save substantial costs with VoIP systems, especially when they make regular long-distance calls. With this facility, companies no longer have to use a single phone line for two callers at a time. VoIP modifies the communication data into data packets and sends it over to the IP network. In other words, all you need is a smooth internet connection for this system to work.

While calls through traditional phone line charge consumers for calls per minute, companies can pay a fixed monthly fee to their service provider. In fact, many ISP’s offer cheap or free calling packages as incentives.

Built-In Backup

Traditional telephones are always at risk of unexpected incidents and outages. Repairs can cost you significant time and money, affecting your company’s reputation and profits. VoIP saves the day by automatically redirecting calls as soon as a disruption or network outage occurs. It has pre-setting routine plans that prepare your system to continue operations despite any technical interruptions seamlessly.

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Remote Worldwide Access

VoIP’s allow employees and other staff members to telecommute effectively. It has become easier for workers to work at home by remotely using data services, voice, and faxing facilities powered by the internet.

It’s also a portable service, which means you can connect it to your home offices or even carry it abroad. Furthermore, it’s doesn’t require reinstallation if you decide to move offices.

Various Add-Ons

While these systems aim to establish effective communication within enterprises, they also increase your business’s productivity by offering a wide variety of additional applications. These include voicemail, caller ID, text messages, virtual numbers, and contact lists.

Companies use cloud managed services to integrate VoIP into their systems, which helps them forward multiple essential messages and data to various departments with one click. VoIP also offers voicemail-to-text transcription for critical conversations to be reviewed later on.


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