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IT-enabled technologies have been delivering their services to medium and large-scale businesses for decades. Cloud computing is a major evolutionary shift in IT services that expand existing facilities with more flexibility.

Cloud computing is the distribution of processing capacity and applications to various systems within the enterprise via a network of computers linked together. Today, companies continue to adapt managed cloud services to add to their information technology and digitization processes without the need for investing in new and costly architecture, hardware, or software.

You can rely on IT service providers to facilitate your businesses with managed cloud services.Here are some of the benefits of shifting to the cloud.

Boosted Company Operation

Cloud technology offers scalability, which means companies can opt for IT solutions according to their business size and cloud usage. Azure Cloud Managed Services can simply alter your cloud usage according to your needs.

You can opt for cloud technologies according to your computing needs. For instance, if you have a large business, you can choose cloud services with various new applications. According to Business Insider, Toyota was the first large-scale company to use cloud services to turn its cars into a connected platform.

Cloud-based applications add value to your customers and boost productivity. The cloud provider charges a monthly fee according to your company’s utilization.

Enhanced Customer Service

Customers today look for everything online. Therefore, they are frequently in search of quick answers and flexible purchase options. With managed cloud services, employees and consumers worldwide can easily access information from one platform throughout the day.

You can use cloud technologies on laptops, cell phones, and desktop computers to connect with customers, employees, or colleagues to make critical business decisions. Cloud services have been playing a significant role in helping businesses share information efficiently.

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Workplace Flexibility

The recent transition to work-from-home practices has made it crucial for companies to adapt to managed cloud services. When all the work information is available on the cloud, employees can work from anywhere in the world without having to worry about data accessibility.

According to a Gallup poll, cloud technologies enabled the transformation to increased telecommuting workers across various industries, which jumped from 9% in 1995 to 37% in 2015.

Safe Data Storage

Intellectual property security and the protection of classified information is paramount for every business regardless of how large or small it is. Cloud services improve a company’s security record by providing end-to-end security with Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) and data back-ups for all the information.

According to a RightScale survey, companies with adopted cloud technologies are no longer worried about data security today.

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