Legacy Phone System to VoIP Phones: Why You Need to Make the Switch

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There’s are very few things that have been subsumed so completely into our personal and professional lives like the internet has.

Entire businesses have gone digital—from entertainment to financial transactions, everything’s done digitally now. The digital revolution has transformed how we interact with each other, to the extent that we can’t even imagine how we used to live without it.customer service representative

This being the case, digital communication is no longer optional for workplaces; it’s a necessity. Many companies have already taken the necessary steps to eliminate legacy phone systems and have implemented unified digital communication methods built around VoIP communications.

For those who’re on the fence about whether or not they should make the switch to VoIP, here are some of its fantastic benefits.


Switching to a VoIP communications system helps businesses save on costs, especially those that need to make long-distance calls, both national and international.

Communications over legacy phone systems are tolled calls that a local PSTN service provider carries. As a result, long-distance calls and international calls can be quite expensive. Moreover, both the speed of the communication system and the amount of data that can be carried also tend to be capped.

A VoIP system carries calls over the internet and may eliminate your toll charges altogether.


Automated Support

A VoIP system utilizes voice or text-based chat bots to solve common problems and handle customer support requests.

If a request is more complex, it’s automatically transferred to a human operator. This will significantly reduce your need and dependency on personnel to handle customer support.

Improved Security

There’s a marked difference between legacy phone systems and VoIP phone systems in that the latter significantly improves security.

A VoIP system provides users with access through a profile that’s locked with a password. Users cannot make or receive calls without logging into the system. A VoIP system also allows you to restrict the types of calls your employees can make.

Increased Accessibility

Now that your employees aren’t tied to a physical phone that they can’t carry around with them, they can use smart devices to access the VoIP system and make internal and external calls wherever they are.

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